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Before experiencing the Energy Enhancement System I had several issues. After a few hours in the system I noticed that my hypertension was lowered and my headaches were diminish. Another trouble I had was my blood sugar roller coaster, but after a few visits it become more stable and manageable. I am also, very impress with Rick and Jenny, they truly are great person which willingly help people. I highly recommend the Scalar Energy Wellness Center

Raul G CastroScalar Energy Wellness Center | Rockwall Texas

I feel fully energized. I haven't had this much energy in a long time. Going back in a few days to continue the process.... Peggy is super knowledgeable and a joy to talk with.

MelindaScalar Energy Wellness Center | Rockwall, TX, USA

I have lost 10lbs., Reading faster and walking longer with better endurance

Bernard ChannelScalar Energy Wellness Center | Rockwall, TX, USA

My mother in law has suffered from severe depression for most of her life. Like crying for hours every morning severe. Dr's have done little to nothing for her. She has been to the center twice and has stopped crying and is more focused. She will definitely be continuing her journey.

Melinda AustinScalar Energy Wellness Center | Rockwall, TX, USA

Get yourselves in an EE system!! I have to say this is the best thing I've come across health wise ever! Seriously I've been dealing with stubborn blood clots in my arm for the past 6 months from thoracic syndrome. My veins being pinched in my shoulder from lifting too much on my farm and lots of computer work. I've been on blood thinners for the past 6 months, doing all the stretches and exercises for thoracic outlet syndrome and lots of herbs and diet changes that are supposed to help blood clots. Went in for an ultrasound the week before my first session at the scalar wellness center in Rockwall TX. The ultrasound showed no change in the blood clots situation since the last ultrasound 4 months prior. 😢 3 weeks ago I was feeling pretty trashed. The previous 6 weeks I had 30 vials of blood drawn, really heavy menstrual cycles from the blood thinners, 2 CT scans which equals about 400 x-rays of radiation, A Venogram where they keep the x-ray on above you for about 15 minutes, 4 contrast dye injections. My IV broke when I went to get the venogram and sprayed blood out all over the floor and the bed. So yeah a lot of radiation,blood loss and chemicals in my system. 2 weeks ago my arm hurt to pick up my dinner plate and just making it through Washing some dishes and getting the laundry done was rough. Energy was sooo low. Now after three 2 hour sessions in the EE systems I have a ton of energy. My head is super clear and I'm going crazy wanting to do everything I haven't been able to do in the last 6 months. My arm feels almost normal again too! Very little pain. I can feel the blood clots getting smaller every time I go. Can't wait to share my updated test results with everybody

Sophia ParkerScalar Energy Wellness Center | Rockwall, TX, USA

I had been planning on visiting the Rockwall Center but hadn’t made appointment yet. But then on a Monday had a terrible gall bladder attack (first one, I’m a nurse so familiar with symptoms). The original symptoms subsided after 16 hours, I’ll save you the details but lets just say they were so violent I almost passed out). But two days later I was unable to eat due to lingering, underlying nausea. Also slept almost constantly, I was so drained. My husband said I needed to go to Scalar so I did. I noticed the nausea again as I drove the 40 minutes. 15 minutes after going into the session, the nausea was gone. The session was very pleasant. After I got home I was able to eat and have had no problem since, and two days after the session I felt better than I have in years (literally). Specifically: I was able to get out of bed, or out of a chair without hobbling around for several minutes. Back pain gone ( a nagging stiffness and discomfort had been with me for years). Able get down on the floor and clean cabinets out without difficulty. Also mood was totally elevated. I brought my 96 year old mother with me for second visit. I am 70. She loved it. She slept through most of it. She has difficulty walking and with memory. Has severe pain with standing and walking. I will keep you updated how she is doing. I have so much hope for her now where nothing has worked in the past.

Peggy LawlerScalar Energy Wellness Center | Rockwall, Texas, USA

My 6 year old had a cold. After 1 hour, no symptoms.

JenniferScalar Energy Wellness Center | Rockwall, TX, USA

Deep relaxation, felt renewed, unwound and released tension in the body.

JonathanScalar Energy Wellness Center l Rockwall, Texas

After becoming very ill on the last day of 2022, by mid-January 2023 I had extremely swollen legs and feet, a clear case of edema (dropsy). On top of this I suffered the loss of bladder control. My son did some research and found the Scalar Energy Wellness Center in Rockwall, Texas. After ten sessions from late January through early July, the edema has subsided from its original 100% to, say, 5% now with a mere trace of it in my ankles and feet. This, too, will be gone soon. I have also regained bladder control. My wife has benefited from her own sessions, and we are so grateful for the Scalar treatment and also for our Scalar friends in Rockwall. They are like family.

OwenScalar Energy Wellness Center l Rockwall, Texas

Having had asthma since childhood I have been happy to find each session at the Scalar Energy Wellness Center in Rockwall, Texas, giving me welcome relief with deep breathing and relaxation. With that comes clarity of mind and a wonderful feeling of well-being. A two-hour vacation.

IrisScalar Energy Wellness Center l Rockwall, Texas

"I was a wreck from head to foot. I had reverse shoulder replacement. I have had polyps every 3 years when I've had a colonoscopy. I've worn glasses since grade school and had total pelvic floor prolapse. My neck was stiff, my nerves hurt in-between my shoulder blades. My right knee was stiff and left ankle hurt and a bump on the bottom of my left foot. My vision has improved. My neck and knee are more flexible. The nerve pain between my shoulders is gone. 2 large age spots fell off my back and lichen planus on my hand is gone. I have more strength and energy and sleep all night about 6-7 hours. I have always had thin hair and I am getting new hair growth. Mind clearer. Less emotional."

AnitaWonderful Healing
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